Take The Money - Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I play online without registration?

Answer: We would love to do that! But our game sends out notification messages notifying the user when an opponent is online, Canceles game, Invitation accepted/Declined. We need your permission to send out these notifications. Therefor registration is required.

2.) I want to submit my score on the online leaderboard.. Do I need to register?

Answer: We need to collect a few details off you before you submit your score on the leaderboard. This is because we need to give each user a unique id. Then it used for future device purchases. In other words you will be allowed to login the same details on another device and never lose your score progress!

3.) I find a lot of wrong content, spelling wrong, easy or difficult questions... Can I submit more than one email?

Answer: Of course! Our team is ready to rectify these problems and give you always the best gaming experience!

4.) Will you add more features in this game?

Answer: We always try to find the best features a user has asked for and implement it in our next update.

We will add more FAQ if needed. =]


5.) I want any of my family members to submit a score under their name using the same device...Also only submit to a offline scoreboard?

Answer: We will make sure you get this very soon. Stay Tuned!